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The Phoenix Astronomical Society meetings are at the Stonehenge Aotearoa site. This allows us (weather permitting) to hold an observing session after the meeting. Public can register to come to meetings: Adults $20, seniors $15 and students (either primary or secondary) $5. You can book in using the booking system or contact us 06 3771600. 

Trek around the Cosmos is a regular  monthly astronomy evening  held on the  3rd Saturday of each month starting at 7pm.  What many people do not know is that we have an observatory with large telescopes adjacent to Stonehenge.       Using images from space telescopes each evening  will include a presentation  on the  latest discoveries  from observatories around the world  plus a special  presentation on something in our current night sky.    The evening will conclude, weather permitting, with a tour of the night sky and viewing celestial wonders through large telescopes. 

Our next 'Trek around the Cosmos' will be held on Saturday May 19th.
The topic will be:
Jupiter & the Alien Worlds that orbit around it,  and the Great Cluster of Galaxies in Virgo

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Book OnlineTrek around the Cosmos, 7pm, Saturday May 19th
Jupiter & the alien worlds that orbit around it and the Great Cluster of Gala

Friday June 15th to Sunday 17th at Stonehenge Aotearoa


Winter Stardate will be a three day convention for people interested in astronomy and viewing our magnificent night sky. It caters for people of all levels of knowledge with a range of talks, workshops, kids programs, field trips, movies and observing sessions. At this time of the year the most spectacular regions of the Milky-Way pass overhead. This is something that cannot be seen from the northern hemisphere. In addition, the planets Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will be in our evening sky. Large telescopes will be available to explore the wonders of the Universe. Stardate also includes feasting and live music.


Stardate will be held at the grounds, observatories and lecture theatre at Stonehenge Aotearoa. The site provides spectacular scenery and near perfect observing conditions. Plus there are lots of interesting places and activities nearby – all part of the Carterton Winter Festival.

Programs run on the afternoons and evenings of June 15, 16 and 17th. Camping and caravan sites are available to those who wish to stay overnight. For those who do not wish to camp or caravan full details of local accommodation are available on our web site.

Registration fees, which covers the entire 3 day program, are $25 for adults, $30 for young person between 10 & 18 years $5 for children under 10. Plus there is an additional $10 fee for each camp or caravan. To book or for further information please email Kay at, or phone 06 377 1600.
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7pm Saturday June 16th at Stonehenge Aotearoa


The brightest and most spectacular region of the Milky-Way pass overhead on a winter’s evening. Here we are looking towards galactic centre. In this presentation we take you on a grand tour of our galaxy – The Milky Way. Using images from the Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes we explore spectacular star systems, clusters and nebulae. Finally we journey beyond the stars and milky-way in our sky to galactic centre. Here we explore the brilliant central hub of our galaxy and encounter the most awesome object in the Milky Way – a titanic black hole. After the presentation, weather permitting, we will observe the wonders of our winter night sky through one of our large telescopes.


Bookings recommended. This special program is part of the Winter Stardate. For those not registered for Stardate the fee for the evening will be: Adults $20, Seniors $15, Children $5. To book or for further information please email Kay at, or phone 06 377 1600.

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Stardate 2019
Friday 4th to Sunday 6th January

Stardate 2018                       
Group photo smStardate 2018 was the 30th annual Stardate


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