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The Phoenix Astronomical Society meetings (Trek around the Cosmos) are at the Stonehenge Aotearoa site. This allows us (weather permitting) to hold an observing session after the meeting. TPAS members free entry.  Public can register to come to meetings: Adults $15, seniors $10 and students (either primary or secondary) $5. Family $15 (4 people: 1 or 2 adults and children)You can book in using the booking system or contact us 06 3771600. 

In 2019 meetings will be on the 1st Saturday of the month.

What many people do not know is that we have an observatory with large telescopes adjacent to Stonehenge.       Using images from space telescopes each evening  will include a presentation  on the  latest discoveries  from observatories around the world  plus a special  presentation on something in our current night sky.    The evening will conclude, weather permitting, with a tour of the night sky and viewing celestial wonders through large telescopes. 

Book Online, using the booking system

Saturday April 6 at 7pm

Ancient Greek astronomers and their contribution to astronomy

Ancient Greeks were pioneers in what we call astronomy today. In this presentation by George Moutzouris, you will discover who they were and some of the great advances they made.

How to get to Mars

Short presentation by Robert Gentejohann

Telescope viewing

Following our two talks (and tea), Ian Cooper will, weather permitting, take us on a laser tour of the night sky followed by telescope viewing. Prime telescopic targets will be the wonders of Carina in the south and Leo in the north.

Stardate 2020
Friday 21st to Sunday2 3rd February . Price for whole event is: Adults and seniors $30, 5-15 years $5, under 5's are free. Camping or staying in RV is $10 (for either one or two nights). Voyager 2 will be performed at Stardate.  

Stardate 2019, 31st annual Stardate                       

Stardate 2019
Stardate 2019

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