Opening Hours

opening hours


OPENING HOURS 10am to 4pm 

Private Tours can be arranged on any day at a time by appointment.

Proposed opening hours 2020  ( may be subject to changes)

Telescope viewing: 8pm Fridays and Saturdays throughout most of the year

 Open every day
February to April  Wed to Sunday plus Easter Monday 
May to July Saturday & Sunday plus Queen's Birthday 
August to December 22  Wed to Sunday plus Labour Day 
Closed December 23 to 26  Open every day from December 27


Private Guided Tour

To discover the secrets of Stonehenge Aotearoa and other stone circles we recommend that you book a Private guided tour which provides a complete experience and is tailored to weather conditions. Our tours include tales from antiquity of the solstices, equinoxes and signs of the zodiac.  You will discover how stones, posts and shadows were used to unlock mysteries of the earth and sky which formed a cornerstone to the rise of civilization.
Minimum charge for a guided tour is $150 (this can be made up of 6 adults - 6x $25 = $150.)
Over the minimum charge value tickets are: Adults $25, seniors $20 and students (primary or secondary) $5

 Please book your visit by clicking the button below:

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Or, contact us by phone on (06) 377 1600 or by email:


Smiley  Allow 90 minutes for your tour and please arrive about 10 minutes before your session is due to begin.  


During opening hours, subject to other functions that may be taking place, you may take yourself around the Henge on a self-guided tour.  We provide a map and information sheet and a short audio-visual which explains what the Henge is and how the stones work.   
The fee is  From Jan 01, 2018: Adults $15, Seniors (65+) $10, School students $5
You do not need to book a "trek".


Some snacks and refreshments available, mainly iceblocks and icecreams, frozen fruit juice and canned and bottled drinks.


Throughout the year special programs are arranged particularly around the times of ancient festivals.  See " Events".
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OPENING HOURS (seasonal)
Open 10am to 4pm:

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 Private Tours can be arranged on any day at a time by appointment.




Phone: (06) 377 1600
Postal address: P.O. Box 156, Carterton 5743
Street address: 51 Ahiaruhe Road, R.D.2 Carterton, 5792
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